[Graph] the dynamic wallpaper that takes your anticipate Galaxy Fold – Samsung SamSung

Going up the Jing on news briefing of lunar Galaxy S10 is colourful after coming on stage, hopeful of SamSung Galaxy Fold will appear on the market on April 26 put on sale, retail prices is 2000 dollars. Purchaser will be obtained ” the service of honoured guest level and experience ” , at the same time she also states purchaser will be obtained ” very close after service ” . Before put on sale, intermediary SamMobile obtains the wallpaper of Galaxy Fold ahead of schedule outside, interested user can download an experience.

The visit buys a page:

Store of flagship of SAMSUNG – SamSung

At present the user can download 4 kinds of dynamic wallpaper, and be in Android equipment install the dynamic wallpaper that is a mobile phone. Above all user general theseVideoDownload a mobile phone to carry, visit graph library to apply a program to find the dynamic wallpaper that just downloads next, next in option lieutenant general its setting is wallpaper.

Download: Https://www.sammobile.com/wallpaper/galaxy-fold/

Gu Ge rolls out developer portal website: Game of Android of hair of get out of the way becomes simpler – Google Android

Be about to give birth to support formerly besides the Chrome browser that just reports besides Switch Pro handle and Joy-Cons, on coming game developer congress Gu Ge still prepared a lot of surprise. The intermediary outside the basis reports, gu Ge is the line on Android game developer only help and supportive website. This website by described as ” developer center ” , help developer develops more interesting hand to swim for Android market.

ThisWebsiteProvided rich function and tool, include how to found game in Unity, how to found log onto an experience without seamed Google Play, how detect easily and diagnose application to break down the problem is waited a moment. In addition this website still provided rich tool, whether does the applied course that determines you for example need to visit sensitive data, more sale and public relations tool are waited a moment.

Developer still can use the Launch of this center&Iterate tool, allow developer to offer game to be registered beforehand wait for content with analysis of player visit data. Gu Ge still represents future will further expansion this website content, from long-term in light of game of Android of the founding with can assist developer easier, sale.

Visit: Https://developer.android.com/games

23andMe alleges its gene report can detect 2 model diabetic risk – IT and health

Gene detects it is OK that company 23andMe believes firmly its gene check checks agent box help identifying 2 model diabetic. 23andMe plans to provide a report, affirmatory client suffers from 2 model diabetic genetic tendency. As some earlier as this company the report of moment is different, this test offerred grading of a polygene, be based on the gene mutation of about 2.5 million clients to study data, among them report of 70 thousand person suffers from diabetic — it does not depend on any public information.

Below good case, this changes help client food or habits and customs, have diabetic opportunity in order to reduce its.

23andMe is cooperating with Lark Health, coach to the client that has diabetic risk offers artificial intelligence health service, collect fees every months 20 dollars. 23andMe expresses, this report will provide the purchaser that checks agent box to gene check since March 11.

The expert that accepts MITTechnology Review to interview points out, at present polygene gives a mark method not very accurate, although from 2013, since 23andMe abandoned a lot of healthy tests, polygene grading method had had very big improvement. Although 23andMe expresses, its are diabetic the test is right black, inferior descendants and the client that Latin descendantses are accurate, but look from the history, be not European polygene grading to forecast result accuracy more flooey.

Have the quality of diabetic itself again, do not have in fact onefold, positive gene signal shows someone has have diabetic risk, and those exterior elements, for instance food is mixed lifestyle, may produce very big effect to individual health. If the client has eaten very well and keep healthy, the test won’t have too big change to him.

WP developer Atta Elayyan is confirmed to die at case of New Zealand pop – character

Case of pop of New Zealand mosque had caused 49 people death, and the heroic developer that there is platform of a WP in the dead’s list. His name is called Atta Elayyan, it is the presiding apparitor of Lazyworm Apps company, also be the developer of popular application MetroTube UWP YouTube at the same time.

The picture comes from push at Atta Elayyan individual special

In the absense of YouTube government application, inchoate WP user can use tripartite to use a program only, and MetroTube uses a program namely among them by tripartite of WP user gay. The person that knows him thinks he is affable, enthusiastic, sober with nice person, he what be 33 years old is in before long before just became a father, and be the goalkeeper that 5 people of Canterbury man make football team. He is a Palestinian, be born in Kuwait, live in the New Zealand of the safest area on world be consideringed as before this.

The picture comes from push at Atta Elayyan individual special

The United States drives automatically the limitation that the enterprise hopes NHTSA relaxes to have a test in communal road – IT and traffic

Because the technology is immature still, the public to driving automatically the manner of the car also has some of kink. To automobile industry, road test is an indispensable job. But the restriction that accepts federal statute, the enterprise must deploy steering wheel and brake pedal on test car, so that along with car safety personnel can be in,the car take-overs below emergency. Nevertheless orgnaization of federal of hope of a few industries can relax appropriately the limitation of this respect, so that its are below the case that did not provide windshield, on communal road the test drives automatically car.

It is much home company of the representing with Nuro, the policy exempt that hopes to be able to get confederative orgnaization (graph from: Nuro)

5 reports say Reuter week, american country announces traffic safety management board (NHTSA) asking for to the public about drive automatically the comment of the car, because petition of a lot of company of research and development get the exempt of standard of confederative car safety.

For example, small-sized goods deserves to send car manufacturer Kroger to hope to be below the circumstance that does not have windshield, those who make oneself is automatic drive car, because this car did not deploy human driver.

However the requirement of federal statute is, the car must deploy a windshield. When the company interviews on behalf of the intermediary outside accepting, Nuro says:

We and NHTSA and other superintend orgnaization clasp, in order to ensure our technology accords with relevant law, bring the biggest increase for client and community.

If can win approval, this exempt will be implementation target is important one pace, we hope superintendency orgnaization and public express an opinion actively at this point.

In addition, general motors also is applying for an exempt, with period fall in the circumstance that does not have motion control equipment, in the test on communal road its drive automatically car.

This is meant without steering wheel and footplate of apply the brake, also violated mandatory federal standard apparently. General motors hopes to be able to obtain nobody to drive inside year all the time the start off of the car counterpoises, right now the distance is referred temporarily exempt request, had gone 15 months.

General motors expresses, these car will become a net to arrange the one part of the car, and meet impose strict restriction to its speed.

Change character, if go well, the Cruise Automation taxi that our hopeful issues in this company division in the team, see their figure.

Regretful is, end when distributing news dispatches, general did not grant with NHTSA respect buy is judged.


Chip of 5G chasing the deer-fight for the throne: China for ” head a group ” the challenge connects SamSung high to wait not to want to lag behind – communication technology – 5G

Prospective 5G goes to application drive smartphone, automatically each domain such as the car, asian chip manufacturer be eager for doing sth, preparation challenges the bibcock place that knows high. China for, couplet hair division prepares in future a few months are contended for grab more market share, samSung, Intel, apple also is in try best to catch up, the competition of 5G chip will be unusually intense.

According to net of Taiwan go smoothly harding iron on March 12 cite ” day classics Asia ” report, current, be being connected high is chip bibcock undoubtedly, millet, LG and resurgence communication rolled out 5G in succession smartphone, and be being connected high is these a few sole chip suppliers, and, still be in SamSung etc company to offer money.

Nevertheless, personage of the message inside course of study and analyst express, roll out as new 5G facility, the competitor that participates in 5G is increasing.

The report says, amount of facility of 5G of predicting next year will grow quickly, asian manufacturer welcomes development chance. Study company data according to Bern Si Tan, include phone, route by implement with heat equipment inside the amount of 5G equipment, will be less than 5 million from 2019, cruel add 50 million of 2020, manufacturer of much home mobile phone prepares to be in future rolls out 5G mobile phone inside 12 months.

China precede to say to already was obtained

China for nature most suffer fix eyes upon. China go up in congress of 2019 worlds mobile for Yu Chengdong of consumer business CEO point out, china for chip of terminal of 5G much model — Ba Long 5000, can download with the double rate that knows X50 high at the competitor, and just do not reveal, had entered actual application level. “We made the chip of the fastest 5G base band on the world not only, we still made the fastest 5G on the world smartphone. We still made the fastest 5G on the world smartphone..

Bern Si Tan studies Li Biao of · of mark of company semiconductor analyst is shown, he believes China ability of bed Cisco of chip branch sea will be become battalion received most Asian chip to design a company 2019. As a result of China grow rapidly for the mobile phone, also take a sea to consider the development on chip.

This analyst beforehand appraise, the sea thinks of semiconductor income to grow double above to 2018 from 2014, maintain this one momentum probably this year.

Analyst of market information advisory institute · Han expresses Eddy, regard the whole world as the biggest telegraphic equipment manufacturer, china depend on for the advantage in 5G respect, it can be in above all oneself base the base band chip that oneself test on the station, this saved time, and better integrated its product.

Couplet sends division, SamSung, Intel: Do not want to lag behind

The report points out, couplet hair division predicts to advanced chip is rolled out by this year, because this already allocated the manpower of nearly 20% ,pursue the technical job related to 5G.

Old coronal city shows general manager of couplet hair branch, plan the 5G chip that this year the end of the year rolls out, hopeful is in large-scale 2020 deploy on mobile equipment.

SamSung, Intel also is the competitor that deserves attention. SamSung mobile phone is having powerful market share, and chip of base band of 5G of proper motion research and development, apple of benefit from benefit from mixes Intel to understand the intense law issue between high, beIPhoneSupply base band chip, this year during world mobile congress, rolled out base band of XMM 8160 5G.

On the other hand, it is those who cast off pair of outside suppliers to depend on, pass an apple to also be in technology of base band of 5G of private research and development.

Face intense competition, connect high it seems that position still firm. Tell senior vice president high Duerjia expresses, wireless technology can bring new generation originally competition, 4G initial stage also is such, they do not worry about adversary, care about persistent innovation only, quicken the pace of research and development of 5G.


Tecent cloud


A Liyun – highest golden certificate of 1888 yuan of current generation can be used instantly

Labour believes a ministry: Next applied shop is comprehensive wearing ” connect on social security palm ” APP – is safe

On March 15, the 29th CCTV exposure of 35 evening parties the accredit agreement that numerous APP adopts imparity, unreasonable provision, demand the problem of the individual information of the user compulsively. Among them, APP is connected to be call-overed by the evening party on social security palm, evening party compere passes real operation discovery, the information such as date of Id date, social security Zhang, mobile phone date is inputted on this APP when the user, finish after registering, computer is long-range can intercept arrives the almost all information of the user.

Yesterday, according to media coverage, industry letter ministry starts applied shop linkage to deal with instantly mechanism, RequirementTecent, Baidu, China for, millet, OPPO, Vivo, 360 wait for home to basically apply next the shop is comprehensive wearing ” connect on social security palm ” APP, right ” connect on social security palm ” the Hangzhou of responsibility main body of mobile phone APP gives limited company of golden network science and technology to undertake checking handling, main organization undertakes discharging checking detecting to congener APP, ask to rectify and reform along with all the others to similar problem.

In addition, Industry letter ministry will continue to advance integrated punish to harass a telephone call with concerned branch special operation, strengthen fountainhead processing, join forces behead is broken annoy phone profit chain, build good communication environment. Strengthen telecommunication and protection of information of Internet user individual continuously, investigate experience thing company according to compasses severity lawfully, will violate compasses enterprise to bring into telegraphic business to run undesirable list.

To be on guard resource of of all kinds communication is used at phone faze civilian, industry letter ministry will close sectional organization begin comprehensive platoon to make a thorough investigation of in phase manage, special railway line of strict and normative speech manages, severe Charley is used pass a technology fully fictitious advocate those who make number violate compasses act, uniform to the call that did not counterpoise through ancient bronze mirror intercept.

To strengthen information of individual of mobile phone APP to protect, industry letter ministry will cooperate central net letter to do, the branch such as total bureau of supervisory government of the Ministry of Public Security, market does good APP to break the law violate compasses gather use individual information special processing acts. Adopt daily technology detects and a variety of means such as special inspection are strengthened superintend, increase right of all kinds violate compasses act deal with and exposure strength, advance individual information actively to protect legislative job, of information of individual of cogent and normative user collect, use behavior.

Baidu is newest equity structure exposure: Plum Yan Hong holds a 16.1% the 2nd large stockholder fall to Baidu of 5.2% – Baidu

On March 18 message, baidu was announced a few days ago 2018 annals. Baidu was announced in the report newest equity structure, plum Yan Hong is held 16.1% , baillie Gifford of the 2nd large stockholder&Co (Scottish Partnership) is held fall to 5.2% .

Baidu is newest equity structure

Baidu equity structure (up to last year on January 31)

If plan institute is shown, up to this year on January 31, baidu author, president holds presiding apparitor concurrently plum Yan Hong is held 16.1% , and keep balance basically last year; Baidu tall canal and trustee are aggregate hold 16.3% , and keep balance basically also last year.

Up to this year on January 31, baidu Baillie Gifford of the 2nd large stockholder&Co (Scottish Partnership) is held fall to 5.2% , go up Baillie Gifford of year of the corresponding period&Co is held for 6.6% .

Plum Yan Hong ever expressed before this, baidu laid solid foundation 2018, annual battalion closes amount to 1, 2.3 billion yuan of RMBs, grow 28% compared to the same period. To a new year, we are confident. Baidu App grew one year quickly in the past, up to December 2018, day vivid user is added to 161 million, grow 24% compared to the same period; Good-lookingVideoday vivid user comes from the 1 million growth 1 year ago 19 million. Was opposite a year the key is for Baidu 2018, we extend artificial intelligence application more business domain from the search, if the solution mixes assistant of iformation flow, speech, AI to drive automatically, let more user, client and partner be benefited in the artificial intelligence technology from Baidu and application.

Baidu predicts to be in 2019 first quarter, the net income amount of Baidu will upright at 23.5 billion yuan of RMBs (add up to 3.42 billion dollar about) to 24.7 billion yuan of RMBs (add up to 3.6 billion dollar about) , grow 12% to arrive compared to the same period 18% , move except Baidu international business and spend influence of Grain Full fractionation, grow 18 % to come compared to the same period 24 % .

Last week closing quotation of 5 US stocks, baidu share price rises 1.63% to 170.48 dollars, total market prise restrains fifty-nine billion five hundred and fifty-seven million dollar.

Business of application development of photograph of Facebook accusation bikini reveals its secret document – gregarious – SNS gregarious network

Facebook accuses a company reveals its secret document. These files say, facebook uses user data to help profit. A judge of California thinks, evidence makes clear, these Facebook records are involved by exposure ” crime or con ” . This is the confidential document that comes from lawsuit one case, final by British parliament a commission is public.

Facebook can win the mail contact of this company and its lawyer at present. According to the confidential agreement between lawyer and client, these communication are confidential normally. This companyDevelopmentthe bikini picture that uses help user to search a good friend.

Protecting user data side, facebook front faces bigger and bigger dispute. In this case, the act of Facebook is to want a proof, the development business Six4Three of this bikini application tries to pass disclose inside information optionally, the commercial act of misinterpret Facebook.

General of Si Wo of unconscious · of thunder of judge of supreme court of holy Matt Ao Jun (V. Raymond Swope) Zhou Wu expresses, although the court released comprehensive ban, prohibit showing any evidence in this lawsuit of Six4Three, but this company and its lawyer still are in in coordination, disclose sensitive information to parliament and media.

He expresses: “Evidence makes clear, the lawyer of Six4Three participated in what be analysed to tripartite and sum up Facebook confidential information ‘ onerous task ‘ , is to this the company provides advisory service not just. is to this the company provides advisory service not just..

The lawyer of Six4Three and group of company method Wu had be notted be opposite this makes a response.

The appointment application that Facebook is facing Holand market in development – gregarious – SNS socialization network

Last year in November when, gregarious tycoon rolled out Facebook Dating application in Colombia, developed a test in Canada and Thailand market at the same time. After that, this project was immersed in still suddenly it seems that. Nevertheless latest news says, facebook is developing the appointment application that faces Holand market, first check scheme has been on the network by exposure. Report of LetsGoDigital of guest of rich of Holand science and technology says, the operation means of Facebook Dating and Tinder are similar.

(topic figure comes from: LetsGoDigital)

The active user of 2.27 billion is had in the whole world in view of Facebook, compare with competitor photograph, facebook Dating it may be said is the huge advantage that has an a priori. If can sufficient have the aid of this, its hopeful makes the most popular appointment application quickly.

First UI espionage of exposure is illuminated, be by Gratisdatingtips.nl most discover first, apparent it is OK and associated the Facebook account of the user undertakes entry. Do not cross it to won’t appear possibly with the form of independent App, serve as a of Facebook Messenger accessary function however.

The user can choose to whether show all pictures to stranger, or show one part picture only. Individual data can guide automatically from associated Facebook Zhang date, but the self introduction that the user still can add about 500 words.

Who can the user examine to be interested in his not only, still can search the associate that admire in the heart actively. Compare with Tinder photograph, facebook Dating need not conjugate is successful, can start illicit letter conversation.

In addition, facebook Dating still provided the search function of a lot of standards, for instance demarcate age, place, distance, have without look after children from different, religious belief, even ideal height of the spouse.

To protect privacy, the complete full name that other user cannot see you are registered in Facebook individual data, lest get a few needless ado.

From the point of current plan, the mainland of Facebook Dating application is changed (Dutch / French) comfortable allotment of labour is made have not finish it seems that. As to specific issuance time, at present of short duration unknown.

[Come from: LetsGoDigitalLetsGoDigital